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One of the most important factors about people’s lives is the information of, the use of, and the growing knowledge of medicine. Medicine is a form of art. It depends on how skillfully doctors apply their knowledge when dealing with patients.

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This clinic is really wonderful and amazing, I am extremely happy with both the quality of service and the great staff who work there. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Cynthia Santiago

Cynthia Santiago

Brooklyn, NY

We are grateful to Dr.Kraja and this clinic very much! Excellent service and timing. We will be coming soon for a scheduled checkup.

The Kacics

The Kacics

Staten Island, NY

Great doctor if you need your family member to get effective immediate assistance, examination, urgent treatment or a simple consultation. Thank you.

John Smith

4th Avenue
Cynthia Santiago, Brooklyn, NYThe Kacics, Staten Island, NYJohn Smith, 4th Avenue


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    Dr. Selatin Kraja is a board certified Family Medicine physician who provides primary care

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